Private Leonard L. Church also known as Epsilon or Alpha is a main character in the popular

Machinima Red vs. Blue, he is also the de facto leader of the blue team and was formerly

a Project Freelancer A.I. . And in revelation chapter 9 it is revealed that Church is based upon the former director of Project freelancer. the only remaining part of Church is Epsilon and is still voiced by Burnie Burns and looks the same.

Role in Plot

As the Alpha, he was heard in the episode planning the heist

telling the director of the calculations he made. In season 10 Alpha is being tortured by the director and the counselor and the A.I. units Sigma, Omega, and Gamma. During the torturing Alpha becomes concerned by the fact that he hurt one of his friends and asks his superiors for info. The director lies to him saying that Tex and Washington where killed because of him. During this time the director with Sigma, Gamma, and Omega extracts the Alphas emotions into a storage unit.

Misadventures in Blood Gulch

Church was first seen in episode one spying on the

red team with his teammate tucker. The series establishes Churches disposition quickly by being annoyed by Tuckers questions about the Red team. As the Red Teams new recruit arrives, they also meet their own rookie, Caboose and their new tank. When they first meet Church becomes annoyed with caboose for his nonstop talking and calling his girlfriend a cow. When Donut the Red teams new recruit arrives at blue base Church thinks he is Caboose and sends him inside, thus leading Donut to take the blue flag. He and Tucker begin to chase him until they are ambushed by Simmons and Grif and are forced to take cover behind a boulder. When caboose arrives with Sheila the blue teams tank he manages to scare them off. However, Caboose looses control of Sheila and accidentally kills Church. He then reappears in the episode "Ghost" to warn them about Tex. When Tex arrives she uses Caboose as target practice and then proceeds to Red base and captures and returns the blue flag but is captured by the reds. Church then reappears and informs them that Tex is his former girlfriend, and she id under the control of and A.I. He then rescues Tex by possessing sarge and was soon shot in the head by Caboose who was trying to "help". He then has a brief conversation with Sarge in the after life in an attempt to slow tex down so he may remove the A.I from her head. He then tries to warn the Reds of Tex's second attack by possessing Lopez the Spanish robot. However, he is unable to warn them in time and Donut chucks a plasma grenade at her and "kills" her.