Dexter Grif is one of the main characters in the popular machinima series Red vs. Blue

Grif is most known for being lazy and a coward.

Relationship with Simmons

Grif and Simmons share kind of a brotherly relationship. Simmons is often teasing and making fun of Grif for being lazy and a lack of discipline. But as seen in season 8 episode 20 Simmons tries to help grif while he was dangling from a cliff edge after the Meta grabed him by the foot. As seen multiple times in the series Grif and Simmons are seen constantly fighting over who gets the front seat. But overall they have a great relationship.


Sarge and Grif share a very hatefull relationship .

sarge has been seen many times in the Series trying to kill grif especially

while he is sleeping. here is a few lines sarge has said to Grif.

Season 7 "your going to run over to blue base rescue donut and carry him on your back, and while the enemy shoots you down he may still run back to base while tumble to your death"

Season 6 " we want you to demote grif"

Season-1 " i can let Simmons here slit your throat in your sleep"

Grifball episode- Sarge "Grif's pain, Grif's humiliation"

Sarge despises Grif and constantly threatens to kill him. cosmento el espona'l